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Together we are better

Your supportive community of business owners, encouraging you to think differently, make confident decisions, and go further in life and business,


When you join Collabor8, you join our free online community where members give time and energy to each other so that together, we go further.

Your FREE business owner membership includes:


Get to know local and national business owners socially, and become a part of the support network so that you always know where to find help and never have to feel like you are in this thing alone. It feels good to help others too - a little encouragement can go a long way!

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A business owner's learning is never done! Learn from those who have different skillsets and knowledge, and share your experience with others too.  We love to grow through collaboration and acknowledge that business success often requires personal growth.

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When you’re busy, it always feels great to take time out from your home office. Meeting with other people who share in your passion can be exactly what you and your business need. Meet-ups can be arranged by any member with our support, and are free!

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Our Promise

We do our best to help our members grow their businesses.

We are a community with kindness, compassion, and care at our core, combined with a spirit of generosity and collaboration over competition.

We are careful to ensure all our members embrace this ethos.

We believe members should feel able to trust one another, ask questions freely, and share their journey, free from shame, judgement, and exploitation.

We have a Code of Conduct to protect our members. We offer membership on the basis that the Code of Conduct is adhered to and may revoke membership if it is breached by an individual.

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